9608 Highway 62, Charlestown, IN, 812.256.2330, ext. 3462

George Rogers Clark Land Trust, a non-profit, community-based organization, serves as one tool for landowners who seek methods to preserve their agricultural land for future generations or to balance new, encroaching development areas with agricultural land, scenic open spaces and wildlife habitat.

Forming in 1999, the George Rogers Clark Land Trust is a group of dedicated and experienced local citizens with a variety of experiences and backgrounds in agriculture and land conservation. What we share is our love of the land and our shared commitment to helping keep Southern Indiana as beautiful and productive as it can be.

Through partnering with farmers in and around Southern Indiana, we’ve been successful in saving hundreds of acres of farmland for countless generations to come. Using primarily conservation easements, the George Rogers Clark Land Trust has helped ensure that many farmers find new avenues for protecting and for securing their farm for countless generations to come.

Our Vision:

To preserve and protect the working lands and rural character of Southern Indiana for now and into the future.